Fraunhofer venture calls on founder mentality by German scientists the preconditions for successful start-ups are actually outstanding on the scientific location Germany. Why goes back the number of high-tech start-ups just yet for several years? In 2012 the venture capital is decreased according to BVK (German Association of German equity) statistics to 5.8 percent. Potential founders are inhibited, have fewer resources available to them. Therefore, the number of start-ups for the third time in a row is declining. Thomas double Berger, Director of Fraunhofer venture, knows the reasons for this trend and appeals to the founder mentality of scholars, yet to try it. Fraunhofer venture motivated Grundungswillige with various projects and brought to the main task the improvement of incubator and innovation culture. Three years ago, the wedding of the world financial crisis, virtually every analyst has expected a decline of business start-ups. Too uncertain were markets and lenders alike.

That the founding rate decreasing level would establish itself, not all the experts in this form were expecting. In addition according to the BVK, the fact that only about a quarter of the investments by investment companies came, which have their headquarters in Germany. The other three-fourths are foreign investors or those that are active only with a local office in Germany. So what inhibits the German Founder scene so vehemently in the past few years? Thomas double Hall of Fraunhofer venture explains the situation: «in principle the framework through initiatives at the Federal and State level is good, funding for subsequent phases of the establishment are also available. As before but the pre-seed/seed capital is a major issue: the sooner the investment, the higher the risk. And also the venture capital scene in Germany is risk averse.