The toddlers quickly a foreign language learn is known. Also it can harm anyone to speak several languages. That’s what thinks well Jessica Alba. The pregnant actress, who is expecting their child in this year, want to talk only Spanish with her child. You must be, legitimate way, ask why? This question is easily answered. The actress wants to take her child not the Spanish language because she herself has learned this language not from childhood, although her grandparents of Spanish origin are.

Her father spoke to her and her brother only English, to give his children a chance in America. It took years until Jessica Alba had learned the Spanish basic knowledge. All want to spare them their child. From the outset, it should know that it has Latinovorfahren. The actress said to the Latina Magazine: «I wish to God that my father would have spoke Spanish to me and my brother. But he didn’t, because he himself not grew up with that language.» Now Jessica Alba can speak Spanish and she wants it teach your child. She added: «I hope I can also do it. I want to talk children anyway with my in the first 2-3 years exclusively Spanish.

Until they come in the preschool. We are in the United States, however, you want to learn it.» We wait as Jessica Alba will handle it. It is still a while until birth.