Regardless of the advanced development and the emergence of new modern building materials, real wood to this day remains a very high quality and suitable for men and women of the villa. Wood remains the first raw material, which is ideal for multi-storey villas citizen. It is entirely justified, since modern techniques can produce a very durable and housing materials and objects. Choosing a decorating walls residential and office spaces, even an ordinary bunk, you will build not only a great space, but also good health. Let's try to portray themselves finishing the surfaces of the walls inside the larch a variety of areas. With just such common finishing lumber, as a board, block house, the simulation of beams, siding and Lining of larch sketch the beautiful and natural look of the standard rooms. At milestones with these combinations of materials with each other, various polishing and toning, you can create a rigorous and incredible exotic interior. But the ordinariness and the quality of attachment to all sorts of plane, whether it's brick walls or concrete cottage apartments, implement the installation prompt and affordable.

Each front is an oblong or quadrangular space, equipped with the necessary situation. Plating the inner walls of natural materials, like imitation of larch timber is perfect to provide furniture and is known delight of owners and friends veneer home. How many It follows from the formulation similar to a wooden panel after the installation inside the room, like the laminated board. For the most part, thanks to the special qualities of the cross section and strong fastening pin groove, imitation logs can be installed not only vertically but also horizontally yet.