A restructured management team is responsible for starting immediately the daily operations and reports directly to Sascha Hausmann: Udai Singh Solanki Chief Technology Officer & Managing Director India responsible for software development and IT infrastructure. At the same time the head of all operations on the Indian market. Lars Hahn Chief Financial Officer (CFO) responsible for all financial affairs of eRevMax group. Keith Povah VP Sales International responsible for the distribution of the RTSuite and RTCorporate product lines in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Australia. Phil Stiles VP Sales Americas, responsible for the distribution of the RTSuite and RTCorporate product lines in North and South America. César Hernández pursues this goal as well. Ragnar Strerath VP product development, responsible for the distribution of the RTConnect product line and head of global product development. ERevMax company group structure also has been adjusted to in the future to be able to operate more smoothly. A newly established holding company headquartered in Dublin (Ireland), eRevMax international, combines from immediately the different business units in the United States, Europe and Asia.

At the official handover of the shops at Sascha Hausmann explained company founder Andrew Morsi the strategy for the future: in the past eight years we have dedicated us fully eRevMax building. We could build from a small Start-Up to a world-wide established company, and our technologically advanced and recognized in the market product lines are now used by a growing customer base. We are confident that Sascha Hausmann will lead the change and expansion of the eRevMax Group also in the future successfully. Our focus is on exploring acquisitions and on the strategic development of our innovative technologies for the hotel industry. Our products, but also the company, the employees, shareholders and last but not least, our customers will benefit from this strategy.» The staff of the eRevMax group were informed by Reuel Ghosh of the new management structure. The founder and Chairman of the Supervisory Board said in his open letter is confident: eRevMax gazes into a bright and successful future with many opportunities. Let us also commit the hospitality industry world class products and outstanding customer service to offer! The existing product portfolio will expand eRevMax new and innovative technologies in the coming years.

«Let it continue the good work of the past to us and are in the future to our promise to provide best possible support to hoteliers in maximizing their results.» eRevMax has completed the process of restructuring and strategic planning phase and is now uniquely positioned to take advantage of future growth opportunities, «Sascha Hausmann, CEO, found out when he took office. This year, our investments have paid off and we have learned to successfully implement our strategic course of expansion. After eight We are now well prepared to integrate new technologies into our existing product portfolio years of organic growth. «We are confident that eRevMax future for technologically advanced and reliable premium products with a premium, multilingual customer service will be available and fully meet the needs of customers and partners.» eRevMax opts for in the future the development of his groundbreaking revenue management technology RateTiger. The focus of the strategy is the further integration of this technology, for example through partnerships. Objective is to automate the process of sales management in the Internet for hoteliers and to facilitate.