In recent times there are discussions devoted to the selection of the optimal heating systems of various scales, from the heating system circuit flat to the heating system of the city. There are two Classical choices: centralized or autonomous heating. Each of these options has both advantages and disadvantages of which were published many times articles in various publications, including journal "New Subject". As a result, attempts to optimize the classical scheme of "born" combined schemes: quarterly boilers, home heating with individual door-to-door with domestic boilers, etc. To date, one of the the most popular solutions is considered to be the following: a source of heat (whether CHP, quarterly or rooftop boiler room), two-pipe heating system of pre-insulated pipes and teplopunkt (group home, any individual, so-called ITP, consumers). More detailed features of ITP are described in the article, Mr. Shemchuk VV, which was published in the previous issue, so in this article on this We do not dwell. However, it should be noted that the use of ITP in our opinion is more rational in terms of new construction (the ability to provide a heat input to the apartment and the door-to-door beam layout of the heating system) than in the reconstruction of existing systems (heating risers are in every room of the apartment, and, as a rule, the heating system – One-pipe). All this leads to the fact that efforts to improve the heating of existing homes, the use of ITP would entail the reconstruction of not only heating but also overhaul the entire house.