It should be noted that the outsourcing market in Russia was developing, and to date can be identified only the more popular sectors of activity. These are: IT outsourcing, manufacturing – outsourcing; Business Process Outsourcing. IT Outsourcing – maintenance of office equipment by specialized organizations, installation, upgrade and support services, etc. Using the information systems company orders the service, save on sh. qualified employee and the employee usually works in several organizations simultaneously, which increases its earnings and broadens the scope of activity. Production Outsourcing involves the transfer of part of its production in the conduct of a third party. For example, there are many agencies the full cycle with a very small staff.

Such agencies draw additional staff as needed, so-called "freelancers", and printing services to acquire printing presses. Advertising agency in this example, transfers part of its work (printing) on manufacturing outsourcing. By outsourcing business processes include: personnel records, accounting, marketing, advertising, logistics, etc. The most popular among the above is accounting service. This practice is quite common in the U.S., where one third of the organization pays for accounting outsourcing, while in Russia to accounting outsourcing resorted to only 15% of companies.

Among the large and medium-sized enterprises, the figure is 5%, and among small businesses, almost 60%. This situation is caused by market competition, in which each organization to take its place in the respective market niche and focus on profiling the region. Paying part of the outsourcing, it concentrates power in the conduct of its business. The company "faith" is engaged in accounting services in St. Petersburg. since February 2008. During this time, organization has turned out the trust and respect of their clients; no firm filed a claim on the quality of services provided. The company "Faith" focuses on the balance accompanied by small, medium and large organizations, for tax and personnel records.