What better version of 3d max bet? Better of course download the latest version (3ds max 2010). Less need to install additional plug-ins required. But if you use Vray or other external renderers (mental ray is not considered, it is built into 3ds max), and you need to work now (or learn to straight quickly), it is better to wait and download the previous version (3ds max 2009). As for 3ds Max 2010 has not yet run-in external renderers, and plug a little, and old versions of the new Max will not work. For those who downloaded VRay 1.5 SP3 for 3ds Max 2010: If you downloaded kraknuty VRay 1.5 SP3 for 3ds Max 2010 – he kraknut wrong (normally will not work). And so terribly slows down the system (at render time increases more than 20 times) and it has a watermark.

Plus a density render different. So no time to waste bill of exchange – the miracle did not happen VRay 1.5 SP3 and SP4 will not work. By the way is already possible to download Vray 1.50 SP4, but little good of it … I recall that 3ds Max 2010 and 3ds Max Design 2010 were published March 24, 2009. On YouTube you can watch the video new features of 3ds Max 2010 and 3ds Max Design 2010.

You can also read reviews of Russian innovations: the new interface of 3ds Max 2010 and a brief overview of the new features of 3ds Max 2010. Soon a new version of 3ds Max 2011. Use this link to view all its new features and to determine for themselves – whether for a miracle to pay $ 3500. Here are the links to download versions of 3ds Max 2010 64 – and 32-bit (in the archive and tablet). Archives of 200 MB, the last one (it 150 MB). This is the official disc of 3ds Max 2010, from which removed (to facilitate), all demo versions of the partner Autodesk. The network has a complete version of this disc, but it does not work the installer (he has run on it, so I warn you, nothing that is not pumped). To install the 3ds Max 2010, run the file: main32bit3dsMax2010_32-bit.msi (or 3dsMax2010_64-bit.msi) To install the tutorials, help, supplementary materials, etc. Run the file: mainFeaturesComponents_3dsMax2010_32-bit.msi (or Components_3dsMax2010_64-bit.msi) PS Links are provided solely for informational purposes, if you liked the program – buy it.