Many times are discarded considerable amount of raw material, that could be recycled without great difficulties, therefore does not have ' ' solution or application criativa' ' for the material. 2.5. DEFINITION OF LOGISTIC Logistic REVERSA Reversa is the logistic process to remove new or used products of its initial point in the suppliment chain, as devolutions of customers, exceeding inventory or obsolete merchandise, and to redistribute using them rules of management of the materials that maximize the value of the item in the end of its original useful life. (online 2011). Logistic reversa is the area of the logistic one that it deals with the aspects and returns of products, packings or materials to its productive center. Although to be an extremely current subject, this process already could be observed has some years in the drink industries, with the reutilizao of its vasilhames, that is, the product arrived at the consumer and returned to its center so that its packing was reused and came back to the final consumer. This process was continuous and pparently it ceased from the moment where the packings had started to be dismissable. However, companies stimulated for Norms ISO 14000 and worried about the ambient management, also known as ' ' logistic verde' ' , they had started to recycle dismissable materials and packings, as cans of aluminum, plastic bottles and cardboard boxes, among others, that they had passed if to detach as raw material and had left of being treated as garbage. Of this form, we can observe logistic reversa in the recycling process, a time that these materials return the different productive centers in form from substance cousin. According to Lambert, she relates the following activities as part of the logistic administration in a company: service to the customer, processing of order, communications of distribution, control of inventory, forecast of demand, traffic etc.