Rose – one of the most beautiful, magnificent flowers. As the truth of the queen of the garden. It requires respect for themselves and especially reverent attitude. However, despite all the charm and beauty of this flower, following the laws of the landscape design should be aware that any of these proud beauties not put at any place. There are certain landing sites, where the roses look best and well-adapted to environmental conditions.

Since roses do not like hot weather and its bad tolerate, not passed to plant these flowers open under the sun, often using them to the curb. In any case, the rosary has become the most vibrant and attractive place on your site, to become its ornamentation. And all that need from you to create it – it's a small area of free land, taking care of your flower and some expert advice. In order to grow a rose garden of your dreams, you can choose the most interesting Roses sorts of bright colors and types of inflorescences. One has only to remember what colors of roses combines best with a particular flower. Choosing a place for a rose garden, is to give preference to solar and wind-protected place.

Before beginning of work to properly fertilize the soil. And be sure to remember that in the immediate vicinity of the flower bed should be no trees or other plants with extensive root system. Also, remember that the roses perfectly look in the compositions only in the event that she will be given to the main place. And in this regard should be paid some attention to the plants, the main associates beauty of your garden. In mixborders next to roses traditionally planted delphiniums, aconite, veronica and veronica Struma, digitalis, bearded irises, lupines, various kinds and sorts of bells (this looks particularly impressive bell molochnotsvetkovy). Already become a classic combination of roses, clematis and honeysuckle twisted. It is also not less impressive and original next to the roses will look fine prickly plants, such as mordovniki and feverweed. In all their forms and blue blossoms gray-green or bluish foliage. Ironically, but not less effective may be combined with roses, wormwood, cloves pinnate with narrow blue-blue-gray leaves and fragrant flowers in different shades of red, pink, purple; as well as milfoil. An interesting design decision, you can create, if the foreground you plant lavender or sage Asherah.