In the text it mentions this relation between thought and rationality like method Is probable that it is a good thought when the subject has care attitudes, rigor, et cetera. Although one separates from the formal logic making reference to the real thought that takes place in a context that this logic they do not consider. " The rationality is to end at an operative harmony between diverse desires. the RATIONALITY, supposes a revision of the knowledge from the critical anlisis, it debates, and argumentation, For Dewey the rationality of the reflective thought is the capacity to learn, to evolve in the time. The rationality for Dewey is the correspondence between aims and means. The thought is not a conglomerate of sensorial impressions, nor the manufacture of something called brings back to consciousness, and much less a manifestation of absolute Spirit, but a mediating and instrumental function that had evolved to serve the interests as human survival and the well-being. This theory of the knowledge emphasizes necessity to verify the thought by means of the action if it is wanted that this one becomes knowledge. The thought is an instrument of the man to learn.

Dewey tries to really apply the rational in the daily thing in the social one by means of the reflective investigation. Dewey exploits the models descriptive and explanatory, because it understands the reflection in a natural process, but injunctive coverall. The emotion is a factor of our mental system so that problems as the one of the married relation cannot be reduced to the logicomatemtico study or of a type of mental representations. In this definition: the emotions are due among others to consider like multi-factor complex phenomena that they include, the following aspects: a mental evaluation (correspondence a would be this description of the situation) situation appreciation; a very diverse set of physiological changes mainly, related to independent nervous system ; This is not comparable with the specification of the situation? a series of manifest expressions or visible conducts face and sign expressions ; a motivational component that is reflected in an intention or tendency to the action And this would not be description of the resources that can be used or does not stop to reach an objective? , and a subjective-experiencial state or of feeling hedonic aspect of the emotion.